The Shingle Style found its expression in the homes of America as the artistic taste of the American public moved away from the highly ornate forms of Victorian architecture, such as Queen Anne. The Arts and Crafts movement proposed a simplification of decoration and an appreciation of natural materials in their natural state. This resonated strongly with a culture grown tired of Victorian excesses. Architects such as McKim Mead and White popularized this new, simpler ideal among all levels of society, from the simplest cottage to the grandest seaside residence for the high society of New York.
Historic Home Plans --- Shingle Style Home Plans --- Woodhills

shingle style home plan

Woodhills - 1913

This expansive design brings the Shingle Style home plan into the 20th Century
$47 - 5 Sheets measuring 24" x 36"
Ext. Dimensions apx. 62' x 65'
1+ Stories, 4 Bedrooms, 2 baths
Built 1913, Cupertino, California
Drawings prepared by HABS in 1977

Shingle style home plan  Shingle style home plan
Shingle style home plan  Shingle style home plan
Shingle style home plan
Shingle style home plan

Woodhills - 1913

Woodhills, by the San Jose, California architecture firm of Wolfe and Wolfe, brought the Shingle Style into the 20th century, with its flat roofs, trellises, rectilinear form and low, ground hugging mass. The interior is surprisingly bright and the flow of space from room to room and from indoors to outdoors presages the new developments in design the century was to bring.

As a work of art these prints are worth purchasing in their own right. For those of you interested in building a historically inspired house, these plans offer an excellent starting point. Most of the rooms are on the main level, including a very large Living Room, a Dining Room, a Kitchen, 4 Bedrooms and 2 Bathrooms. There is one room on the second level, which also provides access to roof decks. This house is built on a moderately sloping site but could be altered to work on a flat site as well. This house would be comfortable in a suburb or country setting. Including porches, the main house has outside dimensions of approximately 62' x 65'.

  • Building name:      Woodhills

  • Designer/Architect:      Wolfe & Wolfe

  • Date of construction:      1913

  • Location:      Cupertino, California

  • Style:      Shingle Style Home

  • Number of sheets:      5 sheets measuring 24" x 36"
Sheet List
  • Cover sheet, Information, Site Plan

  • First Floor Plan, 1/4"=1'-0"

  • Second Floor / Roof Plan, 1/4"=1'-0"

  • Elevations, 1/4"=1'-0"

  • Elevation & Section, 1/4"=1'-0"

The prints you are purchasing are crisp, high resolution black line copies on white bond paper. The original drawings were beautifully delineated in 1977, by the Historic American Building Survey.

Please view my other plans for more Shingle Style home plans and for a large variety of house plans in many other styles as well.

SHIPPING: Your drawings are shipped to you, by US Postal Service, rolled, not folded, in a Priority Mail tube.

IF YOU ARE PLANNING TO BUILD: These plans are NOT complete architectural drawings as might be required by your local permitting agency and do not contain all the structural, waterproofing and other details and information necessary for construction. But your local builder or architect should be able to adapt these drawings and add to them as necessary. What they do provide is accurate design information about a REAL Shingle Style home, not a pseudo-Shingle Style tract house as you will find in the house plan magazines on your supermarket shelf. (SH003)

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