Colonial Williamsburg, the capital of Virginia Colony, is a treasure trove of American culture and architectural traditions. Colonial Williamsburg houses are an inspirational resource, providing a variety of structures, from the modest wood colonial cottage or shop, to the grandest Colonial Williamsburg houses of historic importance. Both brick and wood were commonly used for Colonial Williamsburg house construction and examples of both may be found in the architectural drawings below.
Historic Home Plans --- Colonial Williamsburg Houses --- Carter's Grove Plantation

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Carter's Grove Plantation- 1750s

A grand brick mansion in Colonial Williamsburg style
$155 - 27 Sheets measuring 24" x 36"
Ext. Dimensions apx. 42' x 201'
2+ Stories, 15 Bedrooms, 8+ baths
Built 1750s, Williamsburg, Virginia
Drawings prepared by HABS in 1975

Carter's Grove Colonial Williamsburg style home

Carter's Grove Colonial Williamsburg style home

Carter's Grove Colonial Williamsburg style home

Carter's Grove Colonial Williamsburg style home

Carter's Grove Colonial Williamsburg style home

Carter's Grove Plantation - 1750s

When Robert "King" Carter, one of the richest men of the American colonies, died in 1732, he left behind 10 surviving children and a legacy that included massive estates measuring over 300,000 acres. Carter Burwell, his grandson, knew how to put a bit of that wealth to good use. Between 1749 and 1755 he built one of the most beautiful country homes of the era, Carter's Grove Plantation. To see that the work was done to the highest standard he turned to the best craftsmen that Williamsburg, Virginia had to offer, the brick mason, David Minetree and the carpenter, John Wheatley. Richard Baylis was brought over from England, expressly to do the interior woodwork. Together these men created a masterpiece that has rarely been equalled.

As a work of art these prints are worth purchasing in their own right. For those of you interested in building a historically inspired house, these plans offer an excellent starting point. At 27 large sheets, they include a wealth of detail show room layouts and proportions, details of wood panelling, doors, windows, dormers... All or a part of this building could be adapted in many ways. Either of the wings could be adapted as a very pleasant small home of its own, while the central block provides generous space for a large family. The entire complex would make an excellent small luxury hotel. This design clearly requires a large country setting as well as a relatively flat siet. The outside dimensions are approximately 42' x 201'.

  • Building name:       Carter's Grove Plantation

  • Designer/Architect:       Minetree/Wheatley/Baylis

  • Date of construction:       1749-55

  • Location:      near Williamsburg, Virginia

  • Style:       Colonial Style

  • Number of sheets:       27 sheets measuring 24" x 36"
Sheet List
  • Cover sheet, information, Site Plan, Notes

  • 2 Sheets of Floor Plans, 1/8"=1'-0"

  • 6 Sheets of Detailed Floor Plans, 1/4"=1'-0"

  • 2 Sheets of Elevations, 1/8"=1'-0"

  • 6 Sheets of Sections, 1/4"=1'-0"

  • 10 Sheets of Details,various scales

The prints you are purchasing are crisp, high resolution black line copies on white bond paper. The original drawings were beautifully delineated in 1975 by the Historic American Building Survey. The original drawings rest in the Library of Congress.

Please view my other plans for more plans from Williamsburg, Virginia and for a large variety of house plans in many other styles as well.

SHIPPING: Your drawings are shipped to you, by US Postal Service, rolled, not folded, in a Priority Mail tube.

IF YOU ARE PLANNING TO BUILD: These plans are NOT complete architectural drawings as might be required by your local permitting agency and do not contain all the structural, waterproofing and other details and information necessary for construction. But your local builder or architect should be able to adapt these drawings and add to them as necessary. What they do provide is accurate design information about a REAL Colonial building, not a pseudo-colonial tract house as you will find in the house plan magazines on your supermarket shelf. (CW011)

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