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Historic House Plans in a range of styles - Colonial Homes - Antebellum Houses and Plantation Mansions - Victorian Homes - Craftsman Homes and more

Welcome to Historic Home Plans, your online resource for measured drawings of REAL historic homes from all across the USA. These traditional home plans come from the Historic American Building Survey (HABS) archives in the Library of Congress, an invaluable resource to all who are interested in a deeper understanding of America's architectural traditions.


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Watkins-Cartan Residence - 1866

Archetypal Carpenter Gothic house plan featuring a wrap-around porch and dormers
$50 - 7 Sheet measuring 18" x 24"
Ext. Dimensions apx. 59' x 60'
2 Stories, 5+ Bedrooms, 4 baths
Built 1866, Atherton, California

At Historic Home Plans you will find some of the most interesting historic and traditional home plans from HABS . These home plans are now available to you on full size architectural sheets, typically 18" x 24" or 24" x 36". Browse the site and enjoy these detailed architectural plans. These historic home plans contain beautiful architectural details, such as Victorian bracketed cornices, Colonial mantels, stairways, timber framing connections and more.

November 1, 2013, Here are a few of the latest historic house plans. There are now 104 home plans on the site. Come back soon for more updates!

Dodge House Irving Gill home plan

Dodge Residence - 1916

Irving Gill's historic house plans were a breakthrough in Modern design
$56 - 9 Sheets measuring 18 " x 24 "
Ext. Dimensions apx. 86' x 152'
2 Stories, 6+ Bedrooms, 5+ baths
Built in 1916, Los Angeles, California

Frank Lloyd Wright home plan

American System Built Homes - 1916

Historic house plans by Frank Lloyd Wright, a single story small home
$42 - 4 Sheets measuring 24" x 36"
Ext. Dimensions apx. 32' x 40'
1 Story, 2 Bedrooms, 1 bath
Built 1916, Milwaukie, Wisconsin

Jones Creole Cottage  antebellum home plans

Jones Creole Cottage - 1847

A traditional home plan, in the Creole style, ideal for single story living
$73 - 10 Sheets measuring 24" x 36"
Ext. Dimensions apx. 44' x 76'
1+ Stories, 3 Bedrooms, 2 baths
Unknown date, Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana

Colonial townhouse home plan

Jeremiah Sullivan Townhouse - 1818

An elegant and convenient Colonial home plan
$63 - 11 Sheets measuring 18" x 24"
Ext. Dimensions, 30' x 75'
2+ Stories, 3+ Bedrooms, 2+ baths
Built in 1818, Madison, Indiana

Prestwould Plantation colonial home plan

Prestwould Plantation - 1797

A Colonial country mansion, built of stone, with spacious porches
$90 - 23 Sheets measuring 18" x 24"
Ext. Dimensions, 41' x 67', excluding porches
3 Stories, 4+ Bedrooms, 3+ baths
Built in 1797, Mecklenburg County, Virginia

Italianate Victorian home plan

George Allen Residence - 1863

An Italianate mansion with wrap-around porches and a rooftop cupola
$42 - 4 Sheets measuring 24" x 36"
Ext. Dimensions apx. 70' x 110'
3+ Stories, 8+ Bedrooms, 3+ baths
Built 1863, Cape May, New Jersey

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